Member : Jennifer Martineau/ Pension et toilettage, dressage
Location : Dorval, Quebec, Canada
Postal code : H9S 3B4


Move. Socialize. Have fun.

You work long hours or you have a day packed full of activities, but your dog or your puppy is sitting at home, bored? You fret and stress and feel terrible about it? See how we can help with our dog day care services.

DoggyDay Centre Canin was created to help dog owners with their daily dog parenting responsibilities. In Daycare, your pup will get exercise, socialization, and learn good canine manners. Our staff is dedicated to making sure your furry friend comes home happy and tired.


100% cage-free & interactive

No luxury suites, crates or crowded dog kennels

Our dogs have access to the entire facility and garden, cuddle with us on sofas and splash around with other dogs in the kiddie pool (in the summer). In addition, they learn good manners, patience, solo and group tricks, and live the good dog life!

Our canine coaches will get to know your dog’s play style and personality to ensure your dog plays safely and gets the right amount of exercise every visit.

Dog Daycare is not for every dog. We require a behaviour, temperament & socialization test prior to approval.

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