• Membre : Stephanie Eckstein/ Chiens Chinois à Crête
  • Localisation : Agassiz, Colombie-Britannique , Canada
  • Téléphone : 604-796-2444
  • Site web : http://www.chinese-crested.ca

Chinese Crested Breeders TiLea's Chinese Crested


My husband and I have been married for 23 years and have two lovely grown daughters, Virginia and Christina. I raise and show Chinese Crested dogs and my husband works and in his spare time makes Ringside tables. I have been a 4-H dog leader for over six years. My heart is taken by my family of two legged and 4 legged loves.

Chinese Crested Breeders


We bred for Quality not Quantity. A House is not a home without a Chinese Crested. We socialize your puppies/dogs at local schools and a senior's home.

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