• Membre : Krystle Hauver/ Chevaux Miniature,pension,toilettage,dressage,accouplement
  • Localisation : Havelock, Québec , Canada
  • Téléphone : 450-247-2168
  • Site web : http://potterfarms.weebly.com/

Écurie Les fermes Potter


We are located at 684 covey hill, Havelock Quebec J0S2C0. We have a large farm with 205 acres of land including an operational sugar bush with lots of trails, and an existing cow calf operation.

In 2013 we got our very first miniature horse as a pet and quickly fell in love with the breed. In 2014 we started to train and show our miniature horse. After a few ribbons we decided to expand. We had a very successful show season here in Quebec and are looking forward to showing again on the Quebec circuit in 2015 and possibly a few registry sanctioned shows in Ontario.

Our future goal is to become a small, reputable breeder of miniature horses here in Quebec and hopefully establish a few registry sanctioned shows as well. Our mission will be to produce quality miniature horses with good conformation, athletic ability, temperament and color.

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