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  • 23 Jan, 2014
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Watch out for bad breeders!!!

Bad breeders, there are enormous amounts in Quebec. And that’s not including puppy mills, pet shops, individuals (subject of a future article). There are no laws at this time to control the breeding and production of animals. The sad thing is that we are not well informed before buying our new companion.

We often get taken in by the puppy who looks so sad behind the bars of his cage, without even knowing where he comes from, if he is healthy, if he was socialized (people, noises, dogs), etc; or we happen to want a specific breed we like, but who will not necessarily be the right one for our lifestyle and temperament. For example, people who are calm by nature, moderately active who decide to choose a Jack Russel will find it very hard to live together (Jack Russel being very active dogs, who have an enormous need to spend their energy every day).

Maltreatment to puppies and adults by « bad breeders »:

Pregnant mother before adulthood; physical and/or psychological neglect of adults and their pups; dirtiness of the premises; weaning of the pups before term; neglect of the puppies’ needs; sale without a complete warranty; « purebred » sales without registration papers; no selection of future owners; sale of a non-appropriate breed to a non-informed client; etc…

Questions to ask yourself: 

Does the breeder inspire confidence?
Does he let you visit the location where mom and pups live?
Can you meet both parents?

Some small tips:

  • The pup you will choose will have to be at least 7 weeks old.
  • The mother must have contact with her pups until their departure (education, impregnation process, etc.).
  • Choose a breeder who will be selective and will inform you on the breed.
  • Ask to see the health certificates and medical files from the veterinary.
  • Insist to obtain a signed bill of sale; either an invoice or a contract, which stipulates that the puppy is sold as being purebred.
  • Insist on a written warranty.

Ask for help from an expert before making your choice.

Mélissa Ellefsen
Canine educator & behaviorist

You can send your questions and suggestions to: [email protected]

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