we are Machu Pitou Chihuahua a small breeder program specializing in standards chihuahua. We offer chihuahua puppies that will have an adult weight between 2 pounds and 6 pounds depending on the litter. Our breeding dog weigh between 2.5 pounds and 6 pounds. We are premier member of the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC), the Royal Canin Elite Breeders Club and the Mondou Breeders Club. Our dog are certified in perfect health by the Orthopedic fondation for animal (OFA) our breeding program is registered. Our dogs are all registered with Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) and some have double or triple registration from USA, Russia or Ukrainia from lines filled with champions. We have a large selection of color and beautiful physical conformation worthy of show dog, our puppies meet the breed standard (short nose, apple head , short legs , short and muscular body, beautiful big round eyes , but not disproportionate and beautiful straight ears). The chihuahua is classified by 2 coat type: short coat and long coat. The long coat can be split in 2 types: simple coat (butterfly style) and double coat. We do not have merle color because of health problems associated with that color. (To learn more about the Chihuahua breed standards read our articles available on this site)

We are located in the suburbs of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. For over 15 years, we breed Chihuahuas in accordance with the breed standards. We focus on quality rather than quantity, for that we only have a few dogs that have 1-2 litters per year as advised by our veterinarian. There is no cage in our breeding only a lot of love. Many of our dogs have Canadian, American or europeans champions in their pedigree and many of our puppies have crossed the ocean to be adopted in Europe. Our puppies and our dogs are followed by our veterinarian specialized in small breed since our beginning in the breeding world. All our puppies leave with a complete Royal Canin departure kit and our homemade personalized departure kit including; health record, international health certificate, complete checkup, medical insurance, registration, pedigree, microchip (obligatory for a CKC registered dog), 6 week medical insurance for the puppy, discount from plenty of Quebec dog company, free lessons from a canine educator, discount at various Quebec pet store, discount from a pet groomer, discount in a babysitting dog house, toys, bowls, blankets, Royal canine food, leash, necklace, pet carrier (for a small extra fee) and plenty of accessories that you will not have to buy. The departure kit can vary depending of your location and our partenership. Our puppies are trained for outdoor on the grass (in summer) as well as inside on pee -pad. They are socialized with other dogs, cats and young children. We sell our puppies as pet without breeding rigths. The adoption of a puppies is conditional of his sterilization (they should be sterilized before the puppy reaches the age of 8 months except for dog show) or they will leave already spayed or neutered). If you want a puppy for breeding or show know that we are very selective, and the price is higher.

Our Chihuahuas are not barker at all and they will drop all your prejudices about Chihuahuas. Dozens of references can be provided to you by fully satisfied families that adopted our Chihuahua. We take the time to know the families adopting puppies and keep in touch with them. It is very important for us to stay in touch with families, to advise and assist them with the education of their puppies. We share pictures and have a great pleasure to see our puppies grow up in their families. We also offer delivery via airplane in America, Asia as in Europe. We even offer the possibility of delivery in person within a certain area if needed otherwise you're welcome in our home.

Visit our facebook page (Machu Pitou Chihuahua) or our website www.machupitouchihuahua.com to have acces to all our pictures of our chihuahua for sale, our breeding couple and puppies sold. You can also read plenty of good references and article about our family :) 

Every pictures on this add is a puppy raised and adopted in our breeding program.


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